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    OfficialPSDs (OP) is under new ownership!! Yes, I know that announcement can be scary sometimes, but fortunately, this is not one of those times!

    The next big announcement is that I have been developing a completely new site for OP! The old site and the software behind it were quite old and required a great deal of re-coding just to get it running on newer servers.

    The new site was designed and developed from scratch specifically for OP that combines what everyone loved about the old site with a more modern site design that offers better functionality, more features, mobile device support, and a lot more. Once you login or sign-up, make sure you check out the Settings page as there are several ways you can customise the site the way you want it and more will be added soon!

    Most importantly, the new OP site also puts a lot more focus on the artists behind the uploads, featuring their profiles on every image download page. Artists who upload will be able to promote their web site, social media accounts, etc. on image pages. I have also added several social features to the site such as following members and there are several more planned in the future.

    I have also moved OP to newer and faster servers that should provide much faster performance and improved reliability over the old site. The new servers are located in a major data center with several connections to the major backbone networks of the internet, which should offer great response times throughout the internet.

    One thing that I am most excited about is that OP finally has forums again! The old site's forums were heavily spammed to the point they had to be shut down and what was once a great community was lost as a result. With the new forums, I am working on a layered access system along with spam protection systems to help defend against spam attacks.

    I hope in time we can build an OP community that brings artists, designers, and creative souls together!

    We hope you are as excited as we are!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.