How can we make the site better?

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    We would like to hear your ideas on how to improve OP! Please be constructive and helpful with your suggestions as insults and complaints are less likely to be considered :D

    Here are a few things already discussed and planned as well as some general notes for OP ..
    • With the exception of the forums, the entire OP site was developed from scratch and is very extendable.
    • The OP logo is a placeholder. A new one will be created once we make other planned changes to the site.
    • The slogan below the logo was actually a joke that lasted long enough to go live, but it's not the long-term OP slogan.
    • We are seriously considering creating a new style for the site that will provide a more community feel rather than the more simple/corporate look OP has now.
    • We already added theme support to the site's software so depending on what the new style looks like, we may offer additional theme options such as a dark theme option. That said, if the new style is less white/grey, we may not offer any additional theme options.
    • We are going to increase the download limits currently in place so that members and guests can download more images from the site. The limits in place right now were done to prevent the massive download abuse that was occurring.
    • We are going to implement an alert/notification system for events on the main site to make it easier to keep up with events such as image approvals, likes, dislikes, etc. though we also hope to add filters as well to disable specific alerts. It will not use browser notifications as those are highly annoying.
    • We recently made it so images flagged as "mature" will now show placeholder "Disable Safe Mode to View" images when users browse and search images while Safe Mode is active. This has resulted in a lot more "mature" images being downloaded.
    • An image can be flagged "mature" for a variety of reasons beyond just having "adult" related content. Images containing content such as weapons, alcohol, etc. are flagged as mature as well to maintain compliance with most major ad networks and also to make the site more friendly to our younger users who use OP as an image source for school projects.
    • We are going to integrate advertising on OP soon, but our goal is to avoid the extremely annoying ads that many sites seem to use these days.
    • We have a lot of other tweaks and improvements planned as our todo list for the next phase of development is already quite extensive. That said, we cannot think of everything so post your own suggestions and we will consider them.
    • Please understand that we cannot implement every idea and suggestion!

    So, with that out of the way .. how can we make the site better for you?
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    Why is take so long to accept the download??